“Hitachi” Magic Wand vs. Doxy Massager Review & Comparisons

Alternate Title – Are You Sure That’s Not A Chainsaw In There?

Picture it! My bedroom, seven years ago. I’ve been presented with the gold standard of Strong Ass Vibrators – my first Hitachi Magic Wand. (Now called the “Original Magic Wand” – y’all aint slick, I’m not gunna massage my neck! Vibratex owns it new, hence the name change. I still call it a Hitachi.) I’ve got stars in my eyes. Am I gunna die? Is it THAT Magic Wand? Up until this point the strongest toy I’d used was a Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket – clearly I’d been blessed! My only complaint about my introduction to my first wand vibrator was that it hadn’t happened sooner.

A fantastic love affair had started. I’m not sure if I left the house overnight without it. Two settings, a rigid head, and enough noise to muffle the sound of my roommates existing outside of my room. A viking funeral for my first, another for the second….I loved these damn vibrators. This thing was essentially fucking attached to my left arm for YEARS. Years. I know oodles of bloggers and Amazon reviewers have waxed poetic about the Magic Wand, but its reputation is well deserved so don’t mind if I do!

(This review is a bit lengthy – jump to the comparison chart & bottom line by clicking here if you’re pressed for time!)

The Reigning Champion: 

  • Name: (Vibratex) Magic Wand (Buy it here!)
  • Price: $45-60
  • Strength: 10/10 – tread lightly! (Two settings)
  • Noise: Is 15/10 an option?
  • Overall: 7/10

For the uninformed – the Magic Wand is 12.5 inches long, weighs a little bit over two pounds – and rocks two speed settings. The “neck” has a bit of give for whatever angle you might want, with a hard “head” & a 6ft long cord. Jeeze!

The upside: 

The Magic Wand is affordable for the power it’s got behind it (and that’s….a lot) and because it plugs into the wall there’s no 3am “oh fuck I’m out of batteries” or it completely dying while you’re in the middle of everything. THAT’S nice, and I still don’t trust batteries because the Magic Wand had me spoiled. (Being spoiled is also why it’s yknow, the wand vibrator gold standard!)

The cord is generous & the low setting is immaculate (High is more for us desensitized folk, or people that literally want to rub their clitoris or uh…shoulder, off completely – using it over clothes is probably smarter…oops) and it was my ride or die for years. It’s a sturdy toy, and odds are using it is enough to distract from the fact that it’s kinda heavy.

Mostly, I think just about anyone can crank out a 30 second orgasm with the Magic Wand if they believe in themselves – maybe even quicker. It’s been such a “gold standard” for heavy duty vibes for such a long time for a reason!

But, despite being attached the this damn thing, I had some complaints. Well, a lot more as time went on and my rose-tinted glasses faded.

The downside(s): 

Sorry in advance that this is a bit of a rant – I could sing the praises of the Magic Wand all day, but after using them for almost 8 years I’ve got more than a few complaints I’d like to file.

This bitch is LOUD. Whirring, high pitched, whiny, awful loud. Chances of using it without anyone noticing? Chances of not waking someone up? Slim to none, on a good day. On a bad day – I’d find myself knocking the head of it against my bed frame, trying to get it to knock back into place and stop screaming. It was buzzy to begin with, and once it starts to give out (I’ve had three) it gets even worse. Trying to get off is impossible when your not-so-sexy sense are being attacked – for me anyways. It’s also only got two settings – absolutely bonkers “low”, and clitoral chainsaw “high”. (It’s a huge jump for me, honestly – with how the switch is placed I frequently scared the hell out of myself by accidentally changing settings if my grip slipped.)

The head is REALLY rigid – odds of me accidentally hurting myself by digging in a little too hard are….high. (This also proves problematic for me when using with a partner! Sorry honey, looks like the vibrator is gunna nail your pelvis instead!) and it got annoying to clean with all those little grooves – sanitize it all you want, I never trusted that it was “clean”. (Plus, those little grooves? Sandpaper on the high setting.) 

Never mind how sketchy it was when it’d heat up just a little TOO much from extended use, or the head would get a little crooked and not want to shove back into place. (The bendy neck is a plus….until that happens!) From an aesthetic standpoint, I really hated that it was packaged almost like a medical device – and the whole thing was white. I just think it’s tacky, damnit.

But the biggest thing for me was – a Hitachi for me typically had a shelf life of about a year at best, maybe two if I was lucky. I became frustrated with every review stating it would last a lifetime, it was the last vibrator you’d ever need….I felt like an idiot. A few years ago I parted with another $60 at my local toy store, and within six months it started making That Noise™ again and I just gave up. Not wanting to start an electrical fire, I shoved it back into my toy box and sat with the fact that maybe I just couldn’t have a vibrator for more than a few months, this was just what life was now! After buying my third, the major downside of replacing it so frequently started to piss me off and I started to look for something “better”. (I’m not sure if the quality has changed since the slight rebranding? I honestly don’t care to know. That’s someone else’s job!) 


I still (frequently!) recommend the Magic Wand to any of my friends looking for “Something Better” in the world of vibrators – or their first introduction to wands, because if it wasn’t for me being such a greedy bitch it might have worked out. (But I could just be bargaining like an ex-lover a bit with that.) I truly don’t believe the Magic Wand has the shelf life for heavy use, but will likely be more vibrator than MOST people need or want at 5-6k rotations per minute. It’s powerful, it’s simple, it’s reliable until it suddenly isn’t.

(Full disclosure – I still have my last Magic Wand – but it’s almost a memento despite having a bit of life left in it, because plugging it in just scares the shit out of me.)

So, suddenly there was a void where my favorite vibrator used to be. I started pouring over reviews, looking for negative responses to the Magic Wand to see what wand vibrator people were using instead, taking notes, making pro and con lists. Anyone that knows me well enough (I’m an oversharer!) knows that I heavily research sex toys and can get a little obsessive about it – sometimes for weeks on end! But goddamnit, it’s important. (And it’s a bit of a special interest, whoops!)

Sometime in 2018, I finally snagged myself a Doxy wand. They’re similar in many ways – highly regarded, uses a wall plug-in, and is also the vibrator equivalent of fucking a chainsaw. (It’s also y’know, directly inspired by the Magic Wand – AND compatible with all of my attachments because they’re very similar in size!) 

And in this corner…

  • Name: Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand (Buy it here!)
  • Price: $135-ish. OOF!
  • Strength: 10/10 – but luckily there’s plenty of settings!
  • Noise: 8/10 – not quiet by far, but less whiny than the Magic Wand, low settings aren’t terribly loud.
  • Overall: 10/10

The Doxy Wand vibrator is a whopping 13 inches long, weighs about as much as the Magic Wand (though it’s a combination of plastic and aluminum!) – and its settings vary from 3k to 9000 rotations per minute. The “neck” has zero give to it, but the plush head on it makes up for any angling issues you might have. (I thought the Magic Wands 6ft cord was generous…but the Doxy’s is 10! It’s thinner and easier to tangle, though!)

The upside:

…..You know the list of my Magic Wand complaints? The Doxy fixes just about all of them. The head is cushioned, and the smoothness is absolutely unreal when you’re used to the sand paper style head on the Magic Wand. It’s not buzzy (though it is loud!) – the vibrations are more of a “rumble” (Which I personally love and prefer) instead of frantic and the differentiation in speeds is amazing. (I rarely use it off the lowest it can go because apparently I’ve grown weaker with age, but the few times I’ve turned it up I’m not living in fear like I was hitting “high” on the HMW – it doesn’t have a “set” number of settings, it just progresses when you hold the buttons down.) 

It also comes in colors other than medical white (mine is purple – my favorite sex toy color, I typically see it in black) and instead of a switch (that’s a bit too easy to hit mid-climax) it’s got push buttons, they’re a bit harder for me to press with my nails but it’s still preferable to completely ruining the moment but hitting something accidentally. Supposedly the Doxy has “30% more power” than the Magic Wand, and I’m not good at calculating percentages but I’d believe it – I just don’t need to explore the higher settings most of the time. (9000 rotations per minute? Are you TRYING to kill me?)

The downside:

My main complaint is it’s even BIGGER than the Magic Wand, which can be annoying to store – and that it’s still loud as a motherfucker on the higher settings – just lower pitched. (Luckily) Still doesn’t startle me like the whine of a dying Magic Wand, but if you’re trying to be discreet…yeah good luck with that. Also weird is that it turns on around “half power” and I immediately have to turn it down. Like, why not just start at the bottom?

The “softer” head that I love so much is also PVC (though it claims to be “non-porous & phthalate-free”, I don’t trust sex toy claims more often than not) – so it’s….not the most body safe, and definitely somewhat porous. (While writing this I did find out some brands sell head covers, if you’re super worried) It’d be a perfect toy otherwise and I’m super bummed about that. Further – the Doxy is almost 3x the cost of a Magic Wand (in the U.S, at least) but if you’re in it for a good time AND a long time – or prefer rumbles to buzzes, I’d highly suggest it over the Magic Wand.

(Though if you’re new to wand vibrators, I’d probably test the waters a bit first and see what you enjoy before you dive into a huge toy purchase. But let’s be real, I’m not your mom, and you can totally jump in head first if you’d like!) 

The Bottom Line: Comparisons

Head to head, it looks a bit like this: 

 Magic WandDoxy
Comfort while usingLighter, but rough headWeighted, but the smoothness makes up for it.
Ease of cleaning x
Compatible with attachmentsxx
Settings2Continuous progression (no “real” number) – plus controlled pulse settings.
Speed/rotations per minute5,000-6,000 RPM9000 RPM (on top speed)
Cord length6 feet12 feet

Do I clearly prefer the Doxy? HELL yes. Do I love and respect the Magic Wands? FUCK yeah. Depending on what you’re looking for, what you can afford, and the type of vibration you prefer – they’re both wonderful wands (Though I do refer to my Doxy as “The Cadillac of Vibrators” for a reason) I’ve loved many Hitachis in the past, but I look forward to hopefully not having to give my Doxy a Viking-Funeral any time soon.

You can snag them both from SheVibe or here on Betty’s Toy Box – if that tickles your fancy. (And if you use my links, thank you in advance!)

What do y’all think? Have you owned either of these wands before? Both? Want to suggest I review YOUR favorite instead? Let me know in the comments!

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I purchased both the Magic Wand Original Vibrator & the Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand myself – and was not paid for this review. If you’d like me to review one or more of your products – feel free to contact me! I would love to hear from you.

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32 Responses

  1. Snuffy ig says:

    I love a good back massager review!

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      Seriously, right? I’ve honestly heard people say “I bought this for sex BUT…” and I truly, TRULY think they were fucking with me.

  2. Taco Sauce says:

    Very informative. I bought my lady Hitachi for her birthday last year and she loves it. Thanks for the info for when it needs replacement!

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      Aha thank you! I wasn’t sure if the rambling would be too much or not enough. I hope she has many more moons with her Hitachi, but when the day comes!

  3. Ruth Hilliard says:

    Oh boy, Joyce wants a Doxy…better get my Leatherface mask out!! Lol…seriously, tho, very informative and light-hearted!! You rock!!!

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      Ahaha I love y’all oh my god. Sorry for inadvertently adding fuel to the Doxy fire but….y’know, it’s a great idea damnit ahaha.

  4. Carni says:

    I love your style of writing keep it up, kept my attention and made me giggle

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      Thank you lovely! I’m in a constant state of imposter-syndrome with my writing so I’m glad to hear the vibes translate how I wanted them to!

  5. Rose says:

    I break down/kill my Hitachies/magic wands too and EVERY other toy I’ve ever owned, just about. 😝It is 15/10 noise indeeeeeed, and even more painful, sensory-sound and hand-holding wise (burning and otherwise) as it’s dying…uggghhhh! It’s SO hard on my hands, so recently (after wanting to research and get new toys for SO many years but always being SO overwhelmed by research and making decisions; I FINALLY did it and got everything on sale!) I got some that are or can be hands free or light handling… I love some of them, sometimes, but I definitely want a stronger option for when I’m more numb/less sensitive; there’s a million options now though, which is great but totally overwhelming. I think I want a medium sized all or mostly silicone one… There’s one that only vibrates if in contact with body which is cool (especially since I’m used to big wands being even louder when not pressed down/against body), but I hate features about the small We-vibe vibes I’m trying so much so idk… I asked on Spectrum Boutique’s instagram if that wand also had the horrible protruding sharp-to-me charging prongs (for magnetic charger), but I didn’t get any reply. I also absolutely hate the flashing light when it’s low on battery AND the entire time until you plug it in. It just bothers me so much when I’m cleaning it. Also SUPER unimpressed by the famous We-vibe Tango, and really wish I had gotten the Blush one that’s similar but supposed to be stronger (according to a sex blogger I follow) and don’t think it has the horrible protruding prongs right around the button like the Tango; it’s also way cheaper to begin with, though I got the much more expensive Tango on sale.

    I like and crave heat so much on my vulva that magic wands are actually pretty dangerous for me, even before they start dying. Like the silicone-head rechargeable magic wand turns off after 20 minutes, but I just keep turning it back on… I literally gave myself heat rash once, and it was so horrible and painful (and also an enormous bummer because it was right at the beginning of finally being home alone for a few days, when I wouldn’t have to worry about noise at all, and that’s so rare.) And it’s so hard for me to stop because the body/handle gets SO hot that my hands are super flared/burning from EM, and as soon as I stop I’m going to be way more aware of that pain (as well as elsewhere.) Some parts have come loose, and it started rattling super extra badly, so I had to start holding BOTH hands very firmly on it to make it less super extra ridiculously loud, which was even harder on me. I thought it was finally fully dead at some point, but it came back to life a little, but I think it only worked plugged in at that point; that sucks for me cause the feeling of a cord on my skin is cold and awful, had to try to make sure I had a blanket underneath the cord and not move around much.

    Was also always more of an issue for overheating that I felt the need to put blankets and pillows over it, which you’re not supposed to do at all, just to drown out the noise a LITTLE.

    So when I finally got some new sex toys, I wasn’t going for wands at all, but now I’m hoping to find something better for sometimes, eventually…

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      I’m really really glad I’m not the only one, but also pissed that I’m not the only one! That death noise….ugh. I’ve also broken…most vibrators I’ve owned despite treating them well – is there some sort of shelf life or limit of active hours I don’t know of? Anyways…

      Ugh the balance between getting off and the rest of our bodies & senses not being fucked with in the process is….easily one of my least favorite things. I’d honestly given up on a LOT of vibrators in general because of the whole hand-holding bit, luckily I don’t notice with the Doxy now but like….the shaky hand feeling when you’re not holding anything? Makes me bonkers. (…Also, the entire We-Vibe deal makes my skin crawl in every possible way, it seems like such a sensory nightmare to me in concept! They’re pretty but…hgfdfgh I don’t think my body is set up for them!)

      But UGH oh my god. I hope you’re not stuck in endless trial and error, I wish I could say I knew of a sex blogger with EM but I’m sure you’ve looked ahah. Having to make like….sacrifices with safety for comfort and vice versa has got to be one of my favorite things about sex & disability. Like give me something with easy buttons, not too many bells and whistles, that doesn’t act like it’s going to start an electrical fire – IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!

  6. Stephanie says:

    I love this! I’ve always wanted a wand but am still in love with my rabbit….and I hear you on the batteries thing, it has totally ruined moments for me numerous times! I’m definitely going to look into getting one! Thank you! I can’t wait to read more reviews! If I may, can I request a rabbit review? And a recommendation to a sex toy store? I’m one of those people that buys from Spencer’s. 😬

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      Always with the damn batteries! I definitely opt for rechargeable toys when I can cuz waiting an hour to charge is somehow less upsettling than fumbling batteries around lmao. And yes! The last rabbit I had was circa 2012-13 and horrifically not body-safe, I’m honestly kind of hype to see what’s available now ahah.

      But also: HELL TO THE YES. I should have a series regarding general safety, know-how & acquiring toys up soon! All things that I’m sure I’ll cover multiple times but like…a starting point for people that have pretty much only seen the back wall of Spencers aha. (It’s intimidating when that’s all you know!)

  7. Collin says:

    Great review! You have a lovely way of explaining things in an entertaining, but positive way. Looking forward to the next one!

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      Awe, thank you! I’m glad it wasn’t too much of a snooze, I was a little horrified that I could write that much about a vibrator ahaha.

  8. CHELSEA says:

    So I’ve always been afraid of these things but this gives me something new to think about

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      The only thing I’d be afraid of is having thin walls, or the whole….Hitachi in the throes of death bit. They look hella intimidating, though – so I’m glad I framed this in a way that made it more curious than curious-but-terrified!

  9. Jaybedae says:

    Been looking to upgrade from a Brookstone wand I got in the mid 20-teens, and this was very informative! Thank you for the post, your flavor text is to die for and I’m looking forward to more blog installments.

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      Ahah you’re welcome – it’s the least I could do! I definitely had some nonsense from Brookstone (Heated? All I know was it wasn’t intended for my vulva but a bitch didn’t care.) that I used in between replacing my Hitachi the first two times and just…what an uncomfortable experience that was. Happy to help!

  10. Paige Rines says:

    This is such great information! I LOOOOOOVE my Hitachi but alas, all of the problems you’ve stated are also my problems.

    Time to save up for that gloriously expensive fucking asshole up there!

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      Seriously, right? It’s so good until it just….isn’t. But, yay! I had to go look and SheVibe (bit.ly/shevibeSK) has them marked down to around $100 right now – they run really great sales so hopefully when the time comes you’ll be able to score big!

  11. Beardo says:

    Interesting read. I might get one of the cheaper one for my wife’s birthday.

  12. Null says:

    I’m definitely intrigued by the Doxy now!! I’ve been out of the toy game for a while (I also used to review a few years back!) So I’m very happy to read your reviews! I’ve been using a Tenga Iroha Yuki for my vibe needs lately and I ADORE it.

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      Oh my god it’s a sexy snowman! That’s so cute, what the hell. Hopping back into the toy game is….exciting but lowkey scary for me right now but I’m glad y’all like hearing about it aha. (But seriously…the Doxy. Doubles as a weapon. Love it dearly. What CAN’T it do? Be quiet, that’s what!)

  13. Brittany says:

    Very interesting and informative review! I love my cordless wand, but am now intrigued how much more powerful the hitachi could be lol

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      Ah, thank you! I wish I could find any info on the RPM of the wand you mentioned so I could compare the numbers! (Dear Adam & Eve, please let me test one so I can compare them accurately, thaaaaaanks ahaha.)

  14. Lemur says:

    Gods. I’ve encountered Hitachis twice with play partners. Both times I have SOAKED everything around me and quickly. Too intense for my sensitive bits, lol.

    THAT SAID, I picked up an Ultra Zone Tundra Rose 6X last year on a massive discount and holy bejebus, this thing is amazing. Best vibe I’ve ever had.

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      I remember when I was first reading up on mine after getting it and people saying to use them through clothes/etc. and….promptly ignored that advice but YEAH it’s a bit much even for me some days so that’s a mood ahaha.

      But ooh! I had to give that a good ol Google, it’s so cute! (Dear lord, why am I describing a vibrator as cute? Just strike me down now!)

  15. Lou Lou says:

    I love my hitachi so much. The lower setting for obvious reasons, the higher setting for my awful aching back. fucking amazing.

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