Womanizer Pro 40 & Womanizer Classic Review – Pressure Wave Toys!

I’ll be honest, I can be a bit stuck in my ways. If I love something, I’ll run it into the ground – and having to change or update my toys strikes fear into my heart. But, not unlike my Wand Comparisons – sometimes you just have to take a chance and seek out something “better”.

Today I’m talking about my favorite toy in the world – the Womanizer Pro 40, and the upgraded “new” version that’s taken its place, the Womanizer Classic. These are external toys – but they’re not your traditional vibrator, or a vibrator at all! Womanizer uses what they called “pleasure air technology” – and what I call fucking incredible. (Also, I got to listen to Britney Spears a bunch while working on this review – and that was pretty incredible too.)

Womanizer was also the first brand to build something using this specific type of stimulation as far as I know – and with more and more air-wave & suction vibrators & toys flooding the market now I figured I should give a nod to the OG, and wax poetic about them – of course.

This is another fairly long review – if you want to skip to the comparison chart, click here!

The Reigning Champion: 

  • Name: Womanizer Pro 40
  • Price: $129 at time of purchase (2018) – $79 on Womanizers site at time of writing.
  • Strength: 10/10 
  • Noise: 3/10
  • Overall: 9/10

In case you’ve missed the boat on “pleasure air” toys – the Womanizer Pro 40 is a “sexy ear cleaner” that uses air & suction to mimic really, really good oral. (In my opinion) It’s got 6 settings, a four-hour battery life (and USB charger) – is completely water proof, and comes with two removable (and easily cleaned!) silicone “heads” to fit your body just right. Because the design doesn’t look “sexy” to me, the packaging is simple without coming across as medical (like the Magic Wand) The booklet included is short and sweet, with basics about cleaning and charging.

It’s sadly been discontinued – but you can still snag one here on Womanizers site for a discounted price.

The Womanizer is another toy I researched extensively, (and that has been reviewed to death!) but after comparing it with its “knockoff” I decided I needed to try the real thing & treat myself. So I did. I’ve had this toy for about two years now and I’m fairly sure I’d die without it – which is wild to say as someone that was married to their wands for a significant amount of time.

Now – for the oversharing. My clit is bigger BUT it also kind of likes to play hide and seek – which it why I preferred wands & horrifically strong vibrators for such a long time because I couldn’t be assed to go through the trouble of exposing it. With the Womanizer it’s really important that you pull everything back and pop it on in the right spot (I ended up having to use a mirror the first time an felt like an idiot – but the head lights up so using it in a dark bedroom is easy peasy once you know what the hell you’re doing, which I clearly didn’t at first) and the weird, protruding ear-cleaner-esque head is what I give credit for it feeling so damn good.

The only way I can describe the “pleasure air technology” past comparing it to good head is “thumpy”. No buzzes, no rumbles, just a mini vacuum cleaner that occasionally punches & nudges me. (That’s positive, I swear!) I prefer the lower settings – the higher ones are a bit…jarring and painful for me (i.e: “jabby”) but it’s also the first and only toy I’ve been able to orgasm with (Without penetration, even! I’m usually double duty ONLY – even with wands.) in under five minutes. (It’s more like three!)

Because of that the Womanizer is my go-to for rolling over in the middle of the night, quickly fixing period cramps, and edging to the point of stupidity. It’s a good time no matter what, and incredibly dependable. This stupid thing kept me in bed all week when I first got it, and honestly still threatens to. It’s great with a partner in theory – but in practice can be a little hard for me to keep in place, and because of its shape the chances of jabbing someone else in the pubic mound is…fairly high. (That’s even harder if your partner isn’t shaped like a stick figure – space between bodies can be at a premium & I’d rather ditch the toy entirely than have it knock around and hurt both me and them – cuz moving it out of place HURTS on the higher settings, and no one wants to stop to adjust toys every other stroke.)

The downside:

My only real “downside” (that can be a benefit depending on how you look at it) is the fact that because I love it so much and want to use it too much I’ve definitely hurt myself more than once by ending up with the most swollen clit & hood on the planet. (It’s a benefit if it’s used as a warmup in partnered play because I’m a fan of increased sensitivity) It’s pretty much the opposite of the desensitization that people claim from “too much” wand use, but too much sensitivity is really annoying when I have to put pants on later, so do with that info what you will.

I’d describe the Womanizer Pro 40 as “perfect-ish”. I know this depends completely on how your body is set up – and even things like weight. (Womanizer makes a “plus size” version with a longer arm – not sure how that one works out for people so I’d definitely read reviews.) After two years of use it’s remained as my favorite, and I only started looking into a replacement when the battery started to “give” a couple months ago and the toy itself got a bit louder than it used to be. (It’s the quietest toy I’ve ever had! Even at the “loudest” it goes now it’s like….a solid 4 on the volume scale.) My friends have heard me yell about this toy a bit more than anyone should, whoops. If I could buy them in bulk, it’s highly likely I would.

So, yeah, this is another “dying vibrator” story. 

I probably won’t get rid of my Pro 40 cuz it still “works” – but I was clearly due for an update. One 65% off coupon later, I impulsively bought the Womanizer Classic – their new flagship & the toy that replaced the Pro 40. The reviews I read comparing it directly to the Pro 40 said it was a “huge improvement” over the Pro 40, so I bit the bullet & ordered it from EllaParadis. (A site I’d never used before – and despite expecting a 5-7 day shipping time it was at my door two days later, tempting me. Bastards.)

The Challenger:

  • Name: Womanizer Classic
  • Price: $120-130 (It seems to depend on sales. You can use my links to snag one on SheVibe or Betty’s Toy Box – though!)
  • Strength: 10/10
  • Noise: 2/10
  • Overall: 7.5/10

Just like the Pro 40 before it, the Classic is fully waterproof, comes with two “heads”, boasts a 4-hour battery life, but now has 8 intensity levels & a magnetic charger. (Ooh, fancy! It even comes with a pouch – which I love cuz I hate having to buy bags & will begrudgingly throw toys into Ziplocs) The packaging is “prettier” (and has magnets!) but I laugh when I see it because the model looks like she’s selling lipstick instead – there’s also some funny poses on the inside of the box where it seems to suggest owning this toy is a spiritual experience. (Well, it might be!)

The shape is a bit “squashed” compared to the Pro 40 – and the head doesn’t protrude even half as much. (It’s also solid purple – which feels a little fancier than my magenta and chrome original, I know some people think purple is overdone with sex toys but it’s one of my favorites.) It’s somehow even more silent than the Pro 40 (even before mine started dying and making louder sounds) and no longer lights up on the head- but the buttons do instead. Only now, the buttons are on the other side, and in a different order.

So, diving into this toy “pretty much” knowing what to expect – I had high hopes, and thought I knew what I was doing. I was….wrong. Because of the change in head shape, placing it properly was a complete pain in the ass, and I’m still not confident that I actually did it correctly. The first time using it I texted my partner whining that “it doesn’t work” and “nothing happened” and that I was upset that you can’t get refunds for sex toys. Yeah, that bad. I’m usually willing to give things a go for better or worse, but I was a little more emotionally and clitorally compromised than I expected to be about this initially.

I struggled with the settings (the buttons are now facing AWAY from your body – it’s going to be hard to unlearn that!) and I couldn’t tell what was going on unless I absolutely cranked it up. (Which was disappointing because I loved the lower settings on the Pro 40) But, the fun thing about reviewing sex toys is to get a full scope of a toy – you have to test it more than once.

At the time of writing this I’ve had the Womanizer Classic for a few weeks. I’m crediting my original struggles with it to the fact that I shouldn’t have been trying to use a toy without being remotely aroused, and my clitoral shape. (The “deeper” head on the Pro 40 was perfect for me) Also – it feels different despite having the same concept of “pleasure air technology”. Like, a lot different. Great! But not thumpy (until you hit the higher settings) and frankly confusing for someone who was so used to their Pro 40 routine. (I stay on the lower settings still – jabby is no beuno.) But, I think that’s a little more on me than the toy. EVERY Womanizer suggests you use it with lube to make the “seal” – but I rarely did it with my Pro 40. It’s VITAL with the Classic, and I can’t get anything remotely good out of it otherwise. (So I guess I’m glad they provided such an in-depth booklet this time around. Shit is in like a dozen languages and covers everything from cleaning to use & trouble shooting! Which I apparently needed.)

Just like the Pro 40 – I’ve been able to crank out 5-minutes-or-less zero-penetration orgasms with a bit of practice, though. (Which not to be weird but is also a vastly different feeling than the ones provided by the Pro 40 – a little more overwhelming and resulting in me almost throwing the damn thing across the room. Oops!)

Also – the booklet told me I could technically be “hands free” with the Classic if I held my legs together. (I’m assuming because the shape is a bit more “flat”.) It’s not perfect but it does work – (best if I’m laying on my side) and I’m expecting it to be a little less annoying with partnered use – and a whole lot less “jabby” on their end.

The downside:

My main complaints are that I still prefer the bigger “mouth” on the Pro 40 because it works better with my body – and the learning curve with the Womanizer Classic has been kicking my ass. I can’t roll over in the middle of the night with it, because even though I somewhat know what I’m doing I still have to spend a minute or two placing and adjusting things. Which is y’know, annoying when you’re not trying to go into a huge masturbatory production.

Past that – I really don’t think the battery life is as advertised. I don’t know if maybe I lose track of time completely – but I have to charge it every single time I use it, or I fuck myself over later. (It’s died on me 80% through a session three times now. Could be worse, but it’s annoying to see those blinking lights start and immediately cut to nothing – and I really don’t like stopping to dig out & plug in my Doxy.) I’m also a little weary of the magnetic charger (IS THIS THING ATTACHED?) but that’s neither here nor there.

The Bottom Line: Comparisons

Head to head, it looks a bit like this: 

Womanizer Pro 40Womanizer Classic
Price$79 via Womanizer$123 on SheVibe
MaterialABS plastic & silicone (bodysafe & waterproof)ABS plastic & silicone (bodysafe & waterproof)
Available colors3 – white, pink, black.1 – dark purple.
Battery Life4hrs4hrs – that I don’t trust
Ease of use98% easy peasy60% frustrating

I know I typically talk about volume & intensity and compare the two – but both the Pro 40 & Classic are “quiet” and the sensations feel vastly different to me so I can’t judge past their “out of ten” ratings. (The lower settings on the Classic do feel a bit more intense to me than they do on the Pro 40, though.) I do still prefer my Pro 40 & will hopefully be able to buy a backup at some point – but if I can’t, I’m not too sad about it being replaced by the Womanizer Classic. Life goes on!

Either way, you can pry either of these toys from my cold dead hands – they’re both my favorite thing in the world, and I think enjoyment of them depends on body shape more than what they actually do. (Womanizer makes a few different styles using the same “pleasure air” technology – so I think it comes down more to what “fits” than features.)

Interest piqued? You can snag the Classic from Betty’s Toy Box or SheVibe if you wanna throw me a bone on my affiliate links.

Have you tried any “pleasure air” toys before? I know they’ve been popping up more and more recently – and I for one can’t wait to get my little goblin hands on more of them. (Also – would any of y’all marry a vibrator if given the chance? Which? I’d love to hear about it cuz well…you know.) 

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I purchased both the Womanizer Pro 40 & Womanizer Classic myself – and was not paid for this review. If you’d like me to review one or more of your products – feel free to contact me! I would love to hear from you.

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15 Responses

  1. Shenelle says:

    I dont have this brand, but I do have the same type of toy. I am a person that has a hard time orgasming strictly from intercourse so wands were always my go too. But I love this toy. It’s my go to.

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      Seriously, the concept itself is TOO good. (What sold me specifically on the brand was after some digging the heads looked a lot softer and more reasonable for my body lmao) I can complain as much as I want about how much the Pro 40 sticks out but with a partner it still sticks out WAY less than a wand would ahaha. (And @ anyone that can get off from standard PIV sex alone….who are you and what planet do you live on cuz I’m fairly jealous down here)

  2. Lemur says:

    DAMN YOU tempting me to buy a new toy with my birthday money. *shakes fist*

    Maaaaaybe when tax money comes in. Depends on if I can find them for sale up here. Exchange rates are a bitch.

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      Ahahaha you know I had to! Fingers and toes crossed, though – goddamnit exchange rate some of this stuff is already pricey enough!

      • Lemur says:

        Well, I went digging on PinkCherry and, while the Womanizer brand stuff was hella outside my price range (the Classic is $149 ON SALE from $249 [!!!]), I did pick up one of these:


        With 25% coupon code and free shipping, sixty bucks and some damn good reviews. Should be here by the 20th and I’m keen to see how it behaves, lol.

        • Kitty Kitty says:

          Ah, hell yes! I’ve heard great things about the Satisfyer being the answer to Womanizer without the price tag. I definitely wouldn’t have been as excited to snag my replacement at $249, even with the sale – DAMN that’s a serious chunk of change! (Would I sell a kidney for the Pro 40? Yeah…maybe!)

          • Lemur says:

            Alas, my ass is hella poor, so I can’t afford the really fun toys. xD

            But really, I’d rather drop that kind of dosh on like… a heavy suede flogger or something. Maybe get some custom toys – I know someone local that makes titanium claws of varying lengths and sharpness – or even finally invest in a stealth collar. Priorities, lol.

  3. Mizarable says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Satisfyer air pulse toys, I’ve tried a few, but my faves are definitely the Penguin and the Rabbit. The Rabbit is great because you get the internal stimulation that vibrates also, but I find myself having the same external placement frustration you had with the Womanizer Classic.
    The Penguin, though 😍 Super cute right off the bat. It’s a smaller model and has a more square shaped opening, but I find it to be easier to help pop into place because of the shape. I’m one of those girls that takes *foreverrrrrrrr* and it gets me there in a minute and a half. Because of the smaller size I find it easier to use during penetrative sex and it just adds a whole new element.

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      I’ve eyed the Penguin just cuz….it’s so fucking cute lmao. (Womanizer put out the “Starlet” in a similar size that I almost bought a while ago, but I’m glad I went with another full size tbh)

      I have such a hard time with rabbit toys in general cuz like 1/4th of an inch off and you’re either getting stabbed or not getting ANYWHERE but I’ll have to remember that ahah. (There is another rabbit with air that I’ve been eyeing though…UGH) I definitely wish the Classic stuck out even just BARELY more cuz the first minute is always me being like “this is a wASTE OF MY TIME” (Promptly forgotten once it’s in place…but still aha) & Seriously I feel like the air toys in general were invented solely for folks that usually have like, arduous ass annoying to reach orgasms haha. (Thanks, universe! We appreciate it!)

  4. Rachel says:

    Oh my gosh!! I have never even heard of these!! Wowza! So out of the loop I guess. It’s been a long time since toy shopping. This one sounds like a winner!

    • Kitty Kitty says:

      I can’t remember how I ended up stumbling into the Womanizer a few years ago but omg air wave toys popping up everywhere now! I don’t think I’d bought anything external other than a wand in YEARS before I picked it up cuz I was like…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but good lord if I could tell my past self to pony up & get one sooner I would ahaha.

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