Sex Toys On A Budget: 5 Under $25-ish

Weird time to write something new, right? I’ll touch on my absence soon but in the meantime – I’ve been waiting to publish this, and maybe you need some ideas on how to get the most bang for your stimulus buck? Who knows.

Vastly covered, but ever changing! With every body being different & every sex toy company continuing to churn out more and more toys in the super & semi-affordable range, I’m sure though I’m writing this now – I’ll likely be coming back to the topic. Anyways, let me add a quick personal anecdote before we get this ball rolling!

Back in the days of my cam-modeling, dancing, & porn reviewing – my “audience” of sorts was primarily straight, cisgender men. Which got interesting at times – because I started to get questions about buying sex toys for their partner, how lingerie sizing worked, “what women want” type of shit that they weren’t comfortable asking their partners – or that they didn’t because they didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Enter, me having to explain toy safety to people that more often than not only visited the back of Spencer Gifts or another big box chain – not folks that were reading reviews, researching their toys, or even knowing what “body-safe” even meant. A question I got often when the subject of toys came up was “What can I get for under $50? $30?” followed by “Why aren’t the less expensive toys necessarily good?”

…Less expensive toys can be good. They can be great! (I’d like to prove that with this list!) And honestly, who doesn’t love feeling like they got a “great deal” on something? But the thing is, if it’s not remotely bodysafe, I’m not going to feel good recommending it to someone or their partner. One of my favorite toys is only “kind of body safe” and I feel kind of weird about that cuz for the most part I’ve exiled & destroyed all of my toxic toys. (I do have one that I truly need to cut up and destroy because every time I reach for it I immediately regret doing so & not following my own “safe toy” rules.)

Because of that – I’m keeping this list to “safe” materials only, and limiting it to things that I’ve owned and used for years without any adverse effects. Things that can be cleaned and sanitized, nonporous with the exception of hard plastic – which can be iffy, but for the most part can be sanitized. (Though I do encourage y’all to use barriers if you’re sharing!) Bought from retailers I trust and use, not replications or mystery materials from huge online department stores. (You know the one.) Maybe not the $15 surprise you were looking for, but things that should last (4 out of 5 on this list I’ve owned for upwards of 5 years!) and in most cases won’t be giving people any weird reactions or unwanted UTI/yeast infections/etc.

(This list was originally 10 under $50 but that seemed like a bit much, if you’d like me to post the second half of the list let me know in the comments!)

Note: This post uses affiliate links – meaning I earn a commission on items purchased through links provided on my website with no added cost to you. I am not paid for mentioning them and as always, my opinions are my own.

Photos included are from SheVibe – they’re one of my favorite toy retailers and are constantly having great sales & shipping offers! (You can click here to shop with them using my link – I’d appreciate it!)

UNDER $25: Titan Mini Vibrator By Vibratex

Waterproof! (It’s made out of ABS plastic, super easy to clean as well) Twenty dollars! No phtalates! My favorite pocket rocket style vibrator has sadly been discontinued (Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Plus – if you can find it, buy it!) – the Vibratex version is the closest I’ll get to it now. (Same color, same size, same power if you ask me!)

And that’s fine with me! Not too loud, not too extreme, and at a super tiny price point? That means I’ve recommended this toy to friends as their “first vibrator” for YEARS. Sure, it’s buzzy. But used in tandem with other toys or in partnered play it’s powerful enough to add to the experience, & it’s small enough to stay out of the way. (And with the one setting, it’s not one that I worry about nudging the wrong button on during use!) For $5 less you can get the Water Dancer or Original Pocket Rocket which I’ve enjoyed and owned as well, but trust me….it’s worth the extra five bucks.

Available here from Betty’s Toybox, and SheVibe.

UNDER $25: Turbo Glider Vibrator by CalExotics (Blueberry Bliss)

Throw a rock and you’ll hit a toy blogger that had this as one of their firsts, and despite most having a distaste for CalExotics they still carry a flame for the Turbo Glider today. Another ABS plastic, waterproof vibe for around $15 – I hear about the Turbo Glider being used externally more often than not (The lil nubby head!) but it does have 5.75” of insertable length, and I’m inclined to say those bumps are there for a reason. (My favorite glass toy now has a similar design – I’m blaming the Turbo Glider for that preference.)

Buzzy? Yeah. Strong enough to do a fine job? You betcha. My main complaint with the Turbo Glider (Let’s be real, I can’t complain about a toy under $25 that gets the job done) is that you adjust the speed with the dial on the bottom, which is just awkward for me and incredibly easy to nudge at the wrong time.

Available here, from SheVibe.

UNDER $25-ish: Icicles No. 1 Glass Dildo by Pipedream

This one is actually $26, but let’s play pretend. I was unsure about including any glass on this list (the safety of them is wild – you can read more about that HERE) but if I’m being honest this one in particular got me hooked on glass. (Still my material of choice!) 7.5” of insertable length, 1” wide, easy as fuck to clean and not as threatening as I expected glass toys to be. (And the little bulb on the end means I don’t live in fear of dropping it!)

The ridge on it can be both a negative and a positive for me – certain days I feel like I’m being scraped to death and have to switch to something else, other days it acts like a fruit juicer so…your mileage may vary. But if you’re into glass, or into the idea of trying glass – fuck it, this one’s great in general, and for the price.

Available here, from SheVibe.

(Other options from the Icicles line that I’ve enjoyed include No. 50, & No. 5)

UNDER $25: NoFrillDo Bluetini with a Twist Dildo By Funkit Toys

I know I literally just wrote about this, but I think the NoFrillDo’s are great as a starter toy in general (not because they’re bad – because they’re affordable especially when you don’t know your toy preferences very well!) and I felt I’d be doing Funkit a disservice by not mentioning them.

The entire NoFrillDo line is harness compatible, safe for anal & 100% silicone. I’m a sucker for an interesting texture, and for a bargain? Yeah, let’s go. The silicone isn’t horrifically firm, but it’s also not super wiggly so I think they’re great for sussing out what you do and don’t like. (There’s other shapes and sizes in the NoFrillDo line, if you’re into exploring more!) This one has plenty of swirls, 6.75” in insertable length, and is 1.25” thick. Slippery, and much safer than the jelly monstrosities you’ll find at this price point. (You can read my full review of it, here.)

Available here, from SheVibe.

UNDER $25-ish: Starter Silicone Dildo By Tantus

Yeah, I’m bending the rules again. Barely! Aptly titled the “Starter” and in Tantus’s signature extra smooth silicone, this ones great for getting your feet wet. Only 1″ in diameter at its widest point (Y’all know how I mentioned the whole “eyes bigger than my vagina” thing? This is the solve.) with 4.75″ in insertable length. Complete with flared base so it’s safe & ready for whatever the hell you’d like to do. (I’ve definitely seen unsafe PVC in similar shape & size included in big-box “beginner” pegging kits around the same price-point, treat yourself to something that isn’t god awful, please.)

Tantus makes a TON of stuff under $50 so if you’re not sure where your size preferences lay the Starter is a great place to figure it out without throwing down too much cash – Tantus’s standard toys are a bit more “firm” than a lot of silicone I own so it’s a great intro to that was well without breaking the bank. (If you’re looking for something bigger that still has a reasonable price tag, I highly suggest their Silk range – or the “Sport” for g-spotting)

Available here, from Tantus & SheVibe.

Bottom line? “Good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good” might apply to tattoos, but it doesn’t have to apply to sex toys. If you know how to shop & avoid unsafe materials, there’s oodles of options now more than ever. Safe doesn’t have to mean expensive. Worthwhile and fun doesn’t have to mean expensive. I might yell about my $100 vibrator all day, but when it comes down to it I’ll always continuously reach for the tried and true, and typically cheap things in my toy drawer cuz if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Do you own any of these toys? Have an inexpensive fave I should know about? Want me to review more budget toys? Lemme know in the comments!

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