PalmPower Recharge Wand Review (And Comparison Guide!)

(Colors aren’t this muted IRL – I’m a bit limited by what web browsers will allow! But yes, I brought a vibrator into the garden.)

Alternate title: How I Learned To Stop Giving A Shit And Love Cordless Vibrators (Chainsaw noises not included)

Another day, another exceptionally lengthy vibrator review. Self isolation still isn’t super exciting, and the fact that I’m such a creature of habit with my toy preferences certainly doesn’t help that. (Seriously, the last two vibrators I bought were just revamped versions of things I’d owned before. If I like something, I like it, and I’m not that curious about adventuring elsewhere.) But! Though we’re near the end of it, I mentioned in my last post that May is both International Masturbation Month & my birthday month (Psst…I’m actually publishing this on my birthday!) – and I can never pass up an opportunity to treat myself. So, I bought a new wand, cuz fuck it – why not.

If you somehow missed my Magic Wand vs. Doxy review – I’m a huge fan of a solid wand-style vibrator. (Or at least, they used to be my jam before pressure-wave toys came on the scene – either way, my wands still see use and are always something I’ll suggest people try out because I think they essentially ensure an orgasm for more people with a clitoris.) I’m also a sucker for a good comparison chart.

Y’know what I’m not a huge fan of? The fact that both my Doxy & Magic Wand weigh over two fucking pounds. Sometimes I need the disconnect of not being too close to my own body (woo-hoo, masturbation post-trauma!) but…sometimes I don’t, and 2lbs is too much. Past that, they’re loud as hell – and my version of the Magic Wand isn’t bodysafe – unless you’ve purchased a silicone cap or other attachment to cover the head. (Newer ones like the Plus & Rechargeable have silicone heads, The Original still doesn’t!) The Doxy is also fairly spendy, I’m talking upwards of $125 more often than not. (Again – I love both of these wands dearly and think just about everyone would enjoy them. The things I’m mentioning might just be deal breakers for others, I’m not trying to talk-down either wand, they rule!)

That wand comparison post probably has more interaction than anything else on the site, I think it’s just common knowledge that wand vibrators are fucking awesome, and those of us that love them have fairly strong opinions about our favorites. (And least favorites! So of course, I knew at least one other person would enjoy me writing about another!)

Anyways – in the never ending quest to see if I could find something that meets all of my needs at the same time (feel, body-safe material only, not an arm and a fucking leg) I stumbled into the PalmPower Recharge, by BMS Factory. (As usual, this is a fairly in-depth review – if you’d like you can skip past the specs right to my experience by clicking here or skip to the bottom line & my comparison chart to see how it holds up to the Doxy & Magic Wand Original!)

Note: This post uses affiliate links – meaning I earn a commission on items purchased through links provided on my website with no added cost to you. I am not paid for mentioning them and as always, my opinions are my own.

Specs! Come get your specs!

PalmPower Recharge packaging
…Power is everything? Okay buddy…

First impressions! The packaging is simple, just a windowed white box (so again, not the most discreet thing in the world – I mean, it doesn’t look like genitals or anything, but it still looks like every other massage wand ever – are we still pretending their main use is for backs? A lot of what’s written on the box leads me to believe so.) with a user manual in a zillion languages I don’t speak. (The box is also far sturdier than most others I encounter with sex toys, but literally who does that matter to?) Like every order from SheVibe, the outer packaging was discreet – and surprisingly enough, in the middle of a pandemic I still got my order in two business days!

The main draw of the PalmPower Recharge is well, it’s rechargeable. Not a plug-in like my other more “standard” wands – my thought process typically is – if they’re powerful, they’re typically corded. (Which is actually a feature I enjoy for extra power, but we’ll get to that in a minute) PalmPower does sell a corded wand – the Recharge is supposed to serve as an update to that.

It’s made out of (non-porous!) matte black ABS plastic, with a magenta silicone cap and neck. (It doesn’t come in any other colors, if that’s a deal breaker for you. The PalmPower Extreme comes in all black, but most everything they offer uses that same magenta.) The cap is smooth silicone (no weird seams!) but not soft – it doesn’t have any give or padding on the head. I like a decent amount of pressure, so this is a win for me. Because of the cap, it can be taken apart to extreme clean & sanitize, or to swap out for attachments. (The bendy neck is a plus for me as far as angling goes – your mileage may vary.)

The entire thing? 7.5” long & 1.6” wide at its largest point. Yeah, it’s that small. So small that I texted my partner laughing about its size comparison with my other wands, even next to just my hand it’s laughable. Small enough that I wandered into the front garden to take a header photo for this post and no one had any clue I was messing with a vibrator in the yard.

Running down the list of specs & selling-points, the Recharge is also 100% waterproof (not just splash-proof!) in up to 3 feet of water. I don’t really care if it’s waterproof or not because I don’t masturbate in the tub or shower, but it’s a nice feature for some people and not having to worry about that when you’re cleaning is a plus. It has ONE button, for turning the power off & on and adjusting it – and includes a travel lock feature. (Power is adjusted in increments, not preassigned options – I’ll talk more about the one button in a minute.)

The PalmPower Recharge comes with a 40” USB charging cable (it looks a bit like an auxiliary cable – and clicks into the very bottom, I thought that hole was sealed shut at first but I’m guessing the cover is how it’s waterproof.) – and is marked, in case you struggle with figuring out which cord goes to what. Sadly, you can’t use it while it’s charging like you might be able to with other toys. (Womanizers come to mind first for me) I’m not sure how long the first charge took (I just kind of plugged it in and abandoned it, the light shuts off when it’s done.) but the booklet says two and a half hours – and it’ll take a little over an hour to deplete that charge. (Though I’ve been warned it will turn off if it overheats. Yay, safety!) Classic wand-level power you can use during a blackout, I guess!

(….I regret writing that last sentence and feel the need to interject here: I absolutely cursed myself. About twenty minutes after I closed my laptop and stopped writing my first draft of this review, our power went out for about twelve hours. At least about an hour of that was enjoyable for me, I guess. It definitely supplied some very Blair Witch Project-esque vibes on camera.)

Like other wand vibrators, the Recharge is also compatible with PalmPower’s entire line of attachments. (Meaning, all of their wands are that size – and if you wanted to swap out for another model down the line you could still use attachments you bought for the Recharge. Yay! I probably won’t bother with buying attachments because my collection is all for bigger wands, but it’s cool if that’s your thing.)

I snagged mine from SheVibe on sale for $69(it’s typically $79) which puts it in the same realm as the (corded!) Magic Wand & Magic Wand Plus. (For reference, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is about $10 less than a Doxy.) Not a super offensive price point for the power level it claims in the booklet, or for something that’s body safe & I hope will last me more than a year. I swear every judgement I made about this toy isn’t just in comparison to traditional vibes – but it’s nice to have that point of reference.

That’s all fine and dandy on paper, yes? Now how about in practice?

PalmPower Recharge - in hand, for scale
Hand for scale! One button circled, cuz you might miss it if you squint. It’s nubby and easy to press, though!
  • Name: PalmPower Recharge (Buy it here!)
  • Price: $70-80, depending on sales & coupons
  • Strength: 10/10 – (no predetermined settings)
  • Noise: 4/10
  • Overall: 9/10

You read it here first folks, the PalmPower Recharge officially ranks higher in my heart than the Magic Wand. Blasphemy. 

Knowing that I excessively research most toys before I buy them (and that writing this review will add another to the pile of things for someone to dig through the next time they Google “PalmPower Recharge review”) I went into this half-knowing what to expect. I knew it was strong, I knew it was rechargeable, I knew it was waterproof. I’ve seen other reviews refer to the Recharge as “rumbly” (I think rumbling is mentioned in some of the ad copy as well) and I’m not super sure if that’s accurate. Apparently – it vibrates on a frequency of 2000 to 9000 RPM(Thanks, booklet!) which starts lower than the Magic Wand (nice!) – but 9000 is also where the standard Doxy taps out! How is that….even possible? There’s a lot of things about this vibrator that I just don’t get, not in a bad way like, what the fuck – literally how?

With the head of this wand (and the entirety of this wand!) being y’know, far smaller than most traditional wand vibrators – it’s almost a weird in between of pinpointed stimulation for me, and how entire-vulva-shaking large wand heads typically are. (Y’know, where they kind of just vibrate your entire crotch, whether you’d like it to or not.) Seeing the size comparison next to a more traditional wand is honestly way funnier that it needs to be. 

PalmPower Recharge size comparison to the Doxy Extra Powerful Wand Vibrator
This is just silly. The BUTTONS on the Doxy are as wide as the NECK on the recharge, for fucks sake!

The size of the head might be why I’m hung up on the “rumble” factor – it’s certainly not weak, but I don’t feel like my bones are being shaken up when I masturbate BECAUSE it doesn’t vibrate my entire pubic bone – and I don’t know if calling it rumbly is the right word. It’s not buzzy in a bad way – just maybe “buzzy” in the same way I say the Magic Wand is. (Which people ALSO describe as “rumbly”! What does this shit even mean, guys?) I can see the higher levels possibly feeling surface level “itchy” to some folks – at least when it’s not dampened by a layer of fabric in between. I’ll still let it sand my clitoris off given the chance, though.

Regardless, the PalmPower Recharge is still leaps and bounds ahead of any other “pocket” sized or battery powered vibrator (wand or otherwise) I’ve owned in power level – from the beloved (discontinued) Pocket Rocket Plus, to the cutesy and disappointing Wanachi & Body Wands. (Which is more of a “toy”. Like a literal toy. It’d be cute on a keychain.) Turning my Doxy & the Recharge all the way up – despite being the same amount of rotations per minute, are vastly different sensations in depth. (Either way, I don’t like the highest settings on either – I just had to try. You know, for science. Itchy!)

Wielding something with that much power without feeling like you’re putting in work is lowkey highkey awesome. Especially great for the extra lazy “lemme get off in five minutes” without the “let me make sure this is in place properly and doesn’t slip” of more pinpoint vibrators. (When I do reviews I always use something on it’s own quite a few times before mixing it into my routine to get the full scope of things – on its own it’s more like a ten minute ordeal. Which is nice because I didn’t think I was super capable of a just-clitoral-orgasm anymore. Paired with anything else? I might as well just die instantly. It’s nuts. I’m baffled. Huge fan.) 

I honestly kind of thought if I wanted something small, I was doomed to surface level buzzy bullshit. The Recharge kind of debunks that one. & Because of its size, it doesn’t get in the way of other toys – and it’d seem to be a whole lot easier to cram between yourself and a partner than a more traditional wand. (I used to have to choose  between “actually powerful” and “not a huge pain in the ass to hold and use during sex” – this seems like a pretty good fix to that, without having to actually compromise – and without having the positioning issues that more pinpoint clit toys can have in partnered sex.) 

I like that you can gradually turn the speed up however you’d like instead of only having preassigned options – that’s my favorite feature on the Doxybut I don’t like that you can’t turn it back down once you go up. Yup, you have to shut it off entirely to turn it down because it only has one button. It’s nice that it’s simple but – one button? One! I can see how nudging the button accidentally could be an issue, but it hasn’t been a real problem for me with gripping issues (unlike the switch on the Magic Wand original, slippery bitch that it is.) and I don’t have to fight the button to “click” like I do with the Doxy. (The fact that it’s raised also helps if your vision isn’t great and you don’t want to have to wear glasses to use a vibrator.)

There’s still a little bit of numbess junk-wise afterwards (like any high speed vibrator, I assume as that’s been my experience) but not for very long, and my arm doesn’t feel like shaky jelly afterwards like it would with other wands so that’s a huge plus. It does certainly heat up though – which freaked me out a bit. Guess I’m glad it has an auto-shutoff feature for that before I end up burning my bits off.

Apparently, I’m growing weak in my old age because I really enjoy the lower speeds – I didn’t think a battery-powered vibrator could be “too much” for me, but the PalmPower Recharge doesn’t seem to abide by the rules of what being a battery powered vibrator means. It’s stupid strong. If I was traveling, I wouldn’t feel like I was “missing out” on much of anything if I packed the Recharge instead of one of my full-size wands. Yeah, that strong. Different, tiny, but still incredibly mighty.

….I can’t believe I waited to the last paragraph to discuss noise level – but holy fuck, y’all. I almost forgot to mention it, because the Recharge doesn’t even register as “noisy” to me – at least until you get to the higher settings, and even then it’s not as loud as the “low” setting on a Magic Wand is. It’s more comparable to the Womanizer Classic for me in that aspect. (It’s a higher pitch on the top settings – similar in tone to the Magic Wand but not earth & ear drum shattering.)

I threw it on the middle of my bed cranked up to see if I could hear it through the door. Faintly. The noise would be muffled even further on lower speeds – or under a blanket for those of us with extra-thin-walls or in isolation with our entire families. But seriously. What the fuck. HOW. How is this happening. Who designed this? Can I shake their hand? How is any of this remotely possible? Dear BMS Factory, can I take you out to dinner sometime?

The Bottom Line: 

There’s a hell of a lot to talk about – but what’s the main takeaway?


  • Completely body-safe
  • Waterproof
  • Cordless
  • Lightweight
  • Fairly quiet
  • Potential for attachments – it’s like a half point, I guess – not really my thing.


  • One button
  • Can’t turn the power down – only up, unless you shut it off completely
  • Battery life isn’t incredible, but I’m really just splitting hairs here
And in the context of comparisons for comparisons sake…
Magic Wand (Original)Doxy “Extra Powerful Wand”PalmPower Recharge
Size & comfort for useTextured firm head, around 2lbs – 12” longPadded PVC head, around 2lbs – 13” longSmooth silicone head, 5 ounces, 7.5” long
Price (via SheVibe)$59-79$110-140$69-79
Material & body-safetyABS plastic, porous TPR head (not body safe w/o cap)Nonporous “medical grade” PVC head (body safe)ABS plastic, silicone head (body safe)
Compatible with attachmentsYes, “standard” wand attachmentsYes, same “standard” size as Magic Wand attachmentsYes, PalmPower specific attachments (fit on all PalmPower wands)
Settings2Continuous progression, controlled pulse settingsContinuous progression, no other settings
Speed/rotations per minute5k-6,000 RPM3k-9,000 RPM 2k-9,000 RPM
Noise level7/10 – high pitched8/10 – lower tone4/10 – higher pitch
Cord length6’ 12’ 40” – not corded in use (1hr battery life)
The Doxy still kicks the shit out of every wand to ever exist in my book. But, that doesn’t mean the PalmPower Recharge isn’t fucking awesome in its own right. Extra points were won for being body-safe, waterproof, and quiet along with the incremental settings – it’s like if everything I disliked about the Magic Wand was magically fixed.

All in all, I think the PalmPower Recharge is a solid ass vibrator. I’m not always up for the hassle, positioning & cord-wrangling of my other wands as much as I love using them, especially during partnered sex or on bad pain days. Having something that manages to be small & quiet with just as much power that I’d expect in anything calling itself a “wand” (and honestly, need) is absolutely fucking wild to me. I feel like I’m not going to shut up about this for years, just like when I bought my first Womanizer.

If you’ve ever awkwardly shoved a Doxy into a carry-on like I have because you’ve deemed it an essential item in your day to day life regardless of the size restrictions of the overhead compartment, this is probably something you’ll like, and will be less nervous to travel with. Same if you’ve ever had the thought of  “I can’t hear this over my vibrator” or had a roommate bang on your wall to tell you to go the fuck to bed instead of masturbating – probably worth the investment. If you love incremental power & simplicity, you’ll probably get along swimmingly with the Recharge as well. But, if you like having your entire pelvis shaken off of your body and require rumbliness and rumbliness only – you might not like the more focused stimulation of this one. Either way, definitely not mad at it – and I’d recommend it to most people looking for something lightweight, simple, and still powerful.

If you’re into that type of thing, you can pick up the Palm Power Recharge – or check out Palm Power’s other wands, here from SheVibe.

What do y’all think? Are you a wand fan? Do you own anything from PalmPower – or another wand outside the standard realm? What’s your favorite battery-powered toy? Want to suggest something else for me to review? Let me know in the comments!

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I purchased the Palm Power Recharge myself with my birthday money – and was not paid for this review. If you’d like me to review one or more of your products – feel free to contact me! I would love to hear from you.

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