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Howdy, confused web-traveler. If you’re not quite sure what in the world is going on here, or maybe you found me on the 300th page of a Google search – this page has all you ever may need to know about me, about my blog, and about what the hell is going on.

I’m Kitty, nice to meetcha. (I’ve had a few people think my first name is….Skele? Or Titty? SkeleTitty is a play on my own username being “SkeleKitty” – for the record.)

A few phrases I would describe myself with are: not-straight, hot mess, & emo dreamgrrl. (Though, I have a lot of out-there thoughts about gender – and use they/them pronouns.) I’m in my mid-twenties, hoard sex toys like a dragon might, and info-dump like a motherfucker. Long winded as hell & ready to party, self proclaimed Queen of Oversharing. Lacking a filter is both a blessing and a curse, truly.

Surprisingly enough I’ve never really considered myself to be a writer, just a ranter.

As far as specifics go: I’m also disabled, autistic, and I speak fairly openly about my experience with sexual trauma. ALL of those things impact my sex life (and opinions about sex!) and tend to be incredibly personal, and can vary from person to person between traits, experiences, and feelings both physical & otherwise. Everyone is different, I’m a big believer in everyone speaking up if they’d like. So, here I am!

Over the years I’ve been “that friend” preaching about safer sex & safer sex toys, and I figured maybe those outside of my immediate circle might benefit from hearing me talk at length about those things as well.

My blogs focus is somewhere between being a helpful, at-times-overtly-informative resource, and a comfy, somewhat lighthearted spot to have frank discussions about whatever I’d like. (Mostly things relating to sex, but let’s be real – “and other hot messes” is a tagline for a reason, don’t try to pin me down, bud.) You know, like having a slightly-tipsy, passionate late night heart to heart with a friend – but like, that friend also came prepared with a PowerPoint presentation.

If you’d like to get a vibe for my writing style, or you’re not sure where to start digging – feel free to check out my primer on sex toy safety*, this rant about a long-forgotten and discontinued dildo, or this post on making masturbation less “scary” while recovering from sexual trauma.*

Disclaimers & full-disclosure:

This website contains content of an adult nature. (Incl. but not limited to: sex toys, discussion of sex & sexual organs, etc.) Anyone who is under the legal age in their country to view adult content – or is sensitive to topics regarding adult situations should not view this blog. The posts and pages within are intended for adults only & reader discretion is advised. If you are looking for age appropriate, accurate sex-education please visit Scarleteen or Planned Parenthood.

All of the writing & reviews contained in this blog are no one’s opinions but my own. Though I do work with certain companies as an affiliate – my writing is my opinion, not the opinion of my affiliates.

This site also uses affiliate links – and where possible, readers will be made aware of them so they can make their own choice on whether or not to use them. If readers decide to purchase via affiliate links, I (Kitty) do earn a percentage on those sales. Using affiliate links helps ensure that this blog can stay afloat, but readers are under no obligation to use those links. (Though if you do choose to, thank you for your support!)

Further – at this time I am not paid to write my reviews. If I’m sent discounted or free product in exchange for a review it will be noted at the bottom of each post (along with the items I pay for myself) & I won’t compromise the honesty of a review just because I received an item for free. (It’s not fair to readers, and it’s not fair to those companies to offer dishonest feedback.)

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