Sex toy shopping is intimidating! It’s scary! We all know my distaste for those big-box stores (that likely don’t give a fuck about your safety or the potential of counterfeit items) but where are we supposed to go, then?

If you haven’t yet – give my guides to picking & buying safe sex toys a read! (Part one, part two)

Well, luckily I have some options. And – I’ve been blessed with the gift of being an affiliate with some of my favorite sites, so it’s a win-win for all of us! Come shop with me!

Betty’s Toy Box & Naughty North

Betty’s was founded on one thing – “sex should be enjoyed without reservation, judgment, or guilt.” And yet again, that’s exactly why I choose to shop & align myself with them – in addition to a great selection & constant sales. (Every product they stock is hand picked by their staff based off of style & quality! Are you serious?)

Canadian friends don’t fret – Betty’s also has a Canadian site, NaughtyNorth! Same values, different location!

One of my favorites & easily the most organized sex toy site out there! SheVibe sets the bar high – and is always running awesome sales. From lingerie, to toys, to sexy media & items to aid in every possible form of both gender expression & expressing your sexuality – SheVibe is absolutely killing it. Think the variety and selection of a big-box store, if those big box stores were run by people with standards. All U.S orders over $68 ship for free!

Wet For Her

I know I know, I’m usually not a fan of gendered items or terms. You know what I am a fan of? Non-phallic, body-safe sex toys – especially when they’re by & for LGBTQ women & women aligned folks. Directly from their beliefs page – Wet For Her says “Our mission and toys do not discriminate, and we recognize that neither “lesbians” nor “women” constitute a monolithic group.” In addition to their own line of toys made by lesbians for WLW – their entire shop is body-safe and non-phallic. Y’know – the only type of toys I generally enjoy. Wet For Her stocks packers & gender affirming accessories for AFAB trans & GNC folks, standard vibrators & strap ons – and even a dildo that lets AFAB couples pursue pregnancy without a turkey baster or clinic visit.

Shipping is free for order over $65, and discreet – sent under the name of WFH or Shipmonk.


How many times have you had to read the phrase “Tantus Fangirl” on my site? Tantus is the company behind some of my favorite toys – and one of my favorite silicone textures. You can buy Tantus toys from both Betty’s Toybox & SheVibe – but I’m an affiliate with the brands website as well, and they run plenty of good deals in case you miss a sale elsewhere.

Split Peaches

Another 100% body safe brand, some of which are also available on SheVibe but with an extensive site of their own! If you love bright colors, nontraditional shapes, handmade toys, and toys with some serious “cute” factor like I do – go peep Split Peaches!